Test of the Second Go-Around: Animal Eyes w/ The We Shared Milk @ Mississippi Studios – 4/18/12

For those of you Music Scene PDX followers, you know that I previously reviewed both Animal Eyes and The We Shared Milk (see reviews here and here). Last night gave me the chance to compare what I thought then to what I saw again. And I didn’t forget about The Dig, who also played last night. Separate review to follow.

The We Shared Milk:

This band is WAY better suited for larger venues and PAs with more power. The first time I saw them at Rontoms, the intricacies of their drum and bass lines did not translate like they did last night at Mississippi Studios. Turns out that this band is built on their percussion and bass sections! The first time, I heard mostly hard rock and grunge. Last night, I heard some funk (along with a good bit of grungy rock).

Things that were the same:
–    Great energy
–    I am again blown away by the absolute shred clinic the lead guitarist puts on.

Things that were different:
–    A keyboardist! The first song he jumped into was an absolute jam session. Hands down, my favorite part of the set and (in my book) wins the award for “best guitar riff of the night”!
–    They say the keyboardist was Ryan Neighbors formally of Portugal. The Man and currently with Hustle and Drone, but I swear to god that was Michael Cera!

Anyway, go see The We Shared Milk. You’ll thank me later.

You can also catch them on facebook and @thewesharedmilk.

Animal Eyes

What can I say? These guys are cool as hell. They have a ton of fun on stage, produce a fantastic sound and their drummer is as solid as they come. They’re tight. They’re syncopated. They’re just damn good. Last night, the highlight for me was the way they opened their set. The sound dude at Mississippi Studios wasn’t ready and they were. Animal Eyes said F it and started their set over the house music. Just another example of Animal Eyes giving the crowd what they want.

Only Regret:
–    I think I missed their new track! Damn it. But, when it’s midnight on a Wednesday and  you’re a father, there are babysitters to relieve and kids to look after. This just means I’ll be that much more excited for their next show.

I’m an Animal Eyes fan for life. If you’ve never seen them or if you have yet to get their album, “Found In the Forest”, what the hell are you waiting for!?

You can catch more of Animal Eyes on facebook, @animaleyesbandhere, and here.


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